How to make gummy candy at home?

Homemade gummy candy recipe


In recent years, more and more people like gummy candy which is soft, little sour, sweet and has various cute and beautiful shapes. It can be said that every girl can’t resist it.I believe that many people buy fruit gummy in supermarkets. In fact, homemade fruit gummy is very simple and not difficult. So today I will teach you how to make fruit gummy with fresh fruit, it tastes so great.


Gummy candy recipe:

pineapple   1pc

passion fruit   2pcs

sugar  30 g

lemon juice     20 g

gelatin slices   20g

Water    120 g


Homemade gummy candy procedures

1. Prepare all raw material 


2. Put the sugar, pineapple, passion fruit and water in a small pot, heat it in the microwave, and simmer on low heat. Chop the pineapple into smaller pieces, make it more delicious. of course you can also break it up in a juicer.


3. When the boiling water evaporates a little, and it becomes more viscous. Turn off the heat, and add lemon juice.


    4. When there is residual temperature in the pot, add gelatin slices soaked in cold water.


5. Stir evenly with a spatula.


6. Pour into the mold. Then put it in the refrigerator overnight.


7. Finished product, too much delicious! 



You can taste the sweetness of passion fruit and pineapple before making it. If it is already sweet enough, you can reduce the sugar appropriately~

Yummy Gummy candy!










Post time: Apr-26-2021