• The Wonderful World of Gummy Machines
    Post time: 04-28-2023

    Jelly Gummy is very popular in market during recent years, there are various functional gummies for consumer’s choice, gummy with vitamin C, CBD gummy, gummy with DHA, diet gummy, energy enhance gummy etc. To produce such gummies you will need a gummy machine! No matter ...Read more »

  • Newest Candy Making Machine in the Market
    Post time: 04-28-2023

    Candy making machines are a crucial component in the candy manufacturing industry. They enable manufacturers to produce large quantities of candies in a short amount of time, while ensuring consistency in taste, texture, and shape.  so,what is the key components of a ca...Read more »

  • Post time: 03-24-2023

    Soft gummy candies have always been popular among people of all ages. They are sweet, chewy and can be made in different flavors and shapes. With the increasing demand for soft gummy candies, manufacturers are now making them in bulk using a soft gummy machine. In this article, we will introduce ...Read more »

  • vitamin C or CBD functional gelatin pectin gummy machine/production line
    Post time: 01-08-2022

    In recent years, functional Pectin gummy with vitamin C or CBD is very popular in many countries, even in Chinese market. As the leading manufacturer for Candy machines, CANDY is able to supply different solutions to meet different requirements of clients. Solution for small investment: using a t...Read more »

  • Post time: 04-26-2021

    Homemade gummy candy recipe In recent years, more and more people like gummy candy which is soft, little sour, sweet and has various cute and beautiful shapes. It can be said that every girl can’t resist it.I believe that many people buy fruit gummy in supermarkets. In fact, homemade fruit...Read more »

  • Post time: 08-28-2020

    Candy Market research document is high level analysis of major market segments and recognition of opportunities in Candy industry. Experienced and innovative industry experts estimate strategic options, figure out winning action plans and help out businesses make critical bottom-line decisions. P...Read more »

  • Starchless depositing machine for gummy candy production
    Post time: 07-16-2020

    During long time in the past, gummy candy manufacturer has relied heavily on the starch mogul - a type of machine that makes shaped gummy candies from syrups and gels mixture. These softer candies are made by filling a tray with cornstarch, stamping the desired shape into the starch, and then pou...Read more »

  • Make a deposit hard candy and lollipop
    Post time: 07-16-2020

    The hard candy depositing process has grown rapidly over the past 20 years. Deposited hard candies and lollipops are made in every major confectionery market around the world by companies ranging from regional specialists to major multinationals. Introduced over 50 years ago, depositing was a nic...Read more »

  • The history of candy
    Post time: 07-16-2020

    Candy is made by dissolving sugar in water or milk to form syrup. The final texture of candy depends on the different levels of temperatures and sugar concentrations. Hot temperatures make hard candy, medium heat make soft candy and cool temperatures make chewy candy. The English word ”cand...Read more »

  • Candy New Machine—Chocolate Coated Coconut Bar Machine
    Post time: 06-17-2020

    This candy bar machine is used for production of chocolate coated coconut bar. It has a continuous cereal mixing machine, stamp forming machine, chocolate enrober and cooling tunnel. Coordinated with syrup cooker, rollers, cutting machine etc, this line can also be used ...Read more »

  • Candy New Machine–gift Galaxy Lollipop Machine
    Post time: 06-17-2020

    It is a depositing machine for making Galaxy lollipop. This machine is improved based on ordinary hard candy depositing line. This line can make both flat or ball lollipop by changing moulds. Customer can use rice paper with different logo to make different beautiful hig...Read more »

  • Candy New Product
    Post time: 06-17-2020

    Candy New Product: high speed candy and lollipop forming machine for die forming line. This machine is made of stainless steel 304, it is very flexible, and speed can reach to at least 800pcs lollipop per minute. Stick insert device is movable, hard candy and lollipop ca...Read more »