Starchless depositing machine for gummy candy production

During long time in the past, gummy candy manufacturer has relied heavily on the starch mogul - a type of machine that makes shaped gummy candies from syrups and gels mixture. These softer candies are made by filling a tray with cornstarch, stamping the desired shape into the starch, and then pouring the gel into the holes made by the stamp. When the candies have set, they are removed from the trays and the starch is recycled. During this process, many starches rise into the air, as the development and strict sanitary requirement of recent years, this machine is no longer suitable for model confectionery manufacturers.

9 years ago, CANDY developed the starchless depositing machine for the production of Jelly candy and gummies of any texture, from soft pectin jellies to chewy gelatin gummies, all can be made economically and at high quality from the line. The gel is deposited into a specially coated moulds that impart a uniform size and shape, and a smooth glossy surface finish. An obvious distinguishing feature is the witness mark left by the mould ejector pin.

In the universal jelly and gummy markets, depositing is significantly more cost-effective than a mogul in every aspect including capital and operating costs, floor space and process inventory. Most important, the absence of starch means no recycling, and lower costs for energy, labour and consumables, means that plant hygiene and the working environment are significantly improved.

The starchless depositing machine for gummies can be designed to different capacity size to meet different output requirement. The manufacturer can produce jelly and gummy candy with a colourful range of high-quality solid, striped, layered or centre-filled products.

Companies looking to enter the jelly and gummy market, or switch their production process, will find CANDY ’s many year years’ experience of cooking and starchless depositing in hard and soft confectionery invaluable.



Post time: Jul-16-2020