vitamin C or CBD functional gelatin pectin gummy machine/production line

In recent years, functional Pectin gummy with vitamin C or CBD is very popular in many countries, even in Chinese market. As the leading manufacturer for Candy machines, CANDY is able to supply different solutions to meet different requirements of clients.

Solution for small investment: using a tilting cooker, can be steam heating or electromagnetic heating, manually pouring into a small individual depositor, filling into candy mould and manually remove moulds to a storage rock for cooling. After few hours, pectin gummy candy can be removed from the moulds manually or by a simple demolder.

Solution for middle investment: using a standing cooker, connect to pump, storage tank, automatically transfer material into a depositing machine, after moulds are automatically sprayed with oil, machine automatically fill gummy into hopper and goes to cooling tunnel. After cooling, gummy can be automatically demolded and send out by conveyor belt.    

Solution for large investment: pectin powder and water can be automatically weighed, all other raw material also can be automatically weighed and cooked.

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Post time: Jan-08-2022