Depositing fashion galaxy lollipop production line

Short Description:

Model No.: SGDC150


Depositing fashion galaxy lollipop production line has servo driven and PLC control system, use to produce popular galaxy lollipop in ball or flat shape. This line mainly consists of pressure dissolving system, micro-film cooker, double depositors, cooling tunnel, stick insert machine.


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CANDY unique designed the semi auto rice paper feeder and special designed book lollipop moulds highly increased the automation level and production speed. PLC, touch screen and servo driven system use world famous brand, more reliable and stable performance and durable use-life.

Machine specification: 



Model No. SGDC150
Capacity 150-250kg/h
Depositing Speed 30-50n/min
Steam Requirement 250kg/h, 0.50.8Mpa
Compressed air requirement 0.2m³/min,0.40.6Mpa
Working Condition Temperature2025℃Humidityless than 50%
Total power 30Kw/380V
Total Length 16m
Gross Weight 4000kg


Depositing fashion galaxy lollipop production line flowchart:

Raw material dissolving→Transporting→storage→micro film cooking→Add color and flavor through online mixers→Depositing→Paper feeder→Second layer depositing→Cooling→De-moulding→Conveying→Packing→Final product


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