Caramel Toffee Candy Cooker

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Model No.: AT300


This Caramel Toffee candy cooker is specially designed for the high-quality toffee, eclairs candies. It has the jacketed pipe using steam for heating and equipped with the rotating speed-adjusted scrapers to avoid syrup burning during cooking. It can also cook a special caramel flavor.

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The syrup is pumped from the storage tank to the toffee cooker, then heated and stirred by the rotating scrapes. The syrup is well stirred during the cooking to guarantee the high quality of the toffee syrup. When it is heated to a rated temperature, open the vacuum pump to evaporate water. After the vacuum, transfer ready syrup mass to storage tank through discharge pump. The whole cooking time is about 35 minutes.This machine is reasonable designed, with beauty appearance and easy for operation. PLC and touch screen is for full automatic control.

Toffee candy cooker
Cooking syrup for toffee production

Production flowchart →

Step 1
Raw materials are automatic or manually weighed and put into dissolving tank, boil to 110 degrees Celsius and store in the storage tank.

Step 2
Boiled syrup mass pump into toffee cooker through vacuum, cooking to 125 degrees Celsius and store in the storage tank.

Continuous deposit toffee machine
Toffee Candy Cooker4

Toffee ndy cooker Advantages
1. Whole machine made of stainless steel 304
2. Use steam heating jacketed pipe to keep syrup not cooled.
3. Large touch screen for easy control

Continuous deposit toffee machine4
Toffee Candy Cooker5

1. Production of toffee candy, chocolate center filled toffee.

Toffee Candy Cooker6
Toffee Candy Cooker7

Tech Specs





Total power


Tank volume


Cooking time


Steam needed

150kg/h; 0.7MPa

Overall dimension


Gross weight


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