Hard candy processing line batch roller rope sizer machine

Short Description:

Model No.: TY400



Batch roller rope sizer machine are used in the die forming hard candy and lollipop production process. It is made of stainless steel 304 material, has simple structure, easy for operation.


Batch roller rope sizer machine is used to form cooled candy mass into ropes, according to final candy size, candy rope can make to be different size by adjusting the machine. Formed candy rope enter into forming machine for shaping.  


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Die forming hard candy line
For production of die formed hard candy, jam center filled hard candy, powder filled hard candy

Production flowchart →
Raw material dissolving→Storage→Vacuum cooking→Add color and flavor→Cooling→Rope forming→Forming→Final product

Step 1
Raw materials are automatic or manually weighed and put into dissolving tank, boil to 110 degrees Celsius.


Step 2  

Boiled syrup mass pump into batch vacuum cooker or micro film cooker through vacuum, heat and concentrated to 145 degrees Celsius.  



Step 3 

Add flavor, color into syrup mass and it flow onto cooling belt.


Step 4 

After cooling, syrup mass is transferred into batch roller rope sizer machine, meanwhile can fill jam or powder inside in this process. After rope getting smaller and smaller, it enter into forming mould, candy is shaped and transferred to cooling tunnel.


Die forming hard candy line Advantages
1. Continuously vacuum cooker, guarantee the quality of sugar mass;
2. Suitable for producing jam or powder center-filled hard candies;
3. Different candy shape can be made by changing the moulds;
4. Automatic running steel cooling belt is optional for better cooling effect

1. Production of hard candy, powder or jam center filled hard candy.


Technical Specification:

Model                          TY400           
Capacity                          300~400kg/h
Candy Weight       Shell: 8g(Max);  Central filling: 2g(Max)
Rated Output Speed                         1500-2000pcs/min
Total Power                         380V/40KW
Steam Requirement   Steam Pressure:0.5-0.8MPa; Consumption:200kg/h
Working Condition      Room Temperature:20~25℃; Humidity:<50%
Total Length


Gross Weight


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