Jelly gummy candy sugar coating machine

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Model No.: SC300

This Jelly gummy candy sugar coating machine is also called sugar roller, it is used in the jelly gummy candy production line for coating tiny sugar on the surface of jelly candy to avoid sticky.The whole machine made of stainless steel 304. The machine is made for easy operation. Connecting the electrical power, put candies inside the roller, feed tinny sugar into the top feeding hopper, press the button, machine will automatic transfer sugar and the roller start to work. The same machine can also be used to coat oil on the jelly candy.

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specification of sugar coating machine:


Model capacity Main power Rotary speed           dimension weight
SC300 300-600kg/h 0.75kw 24n/min 1800*1250*1400mm 300kg

For production of deposited jelly gummy candies

Production flowchart →

Raw material dissolving→gelatin powder melting with water→syrup cool down and mix with gelatin liquid → storage→Add color, flavor and citric acid→Depositing→Cooling→De-moulding→Conveying→sugar or oil coating→drying

Step 1

Raw materials are automatic or manually weighed and put into dissolving tank, boil to 110 degrees Celsius.


Step 2  

Boiled syrup mass pump into mixing through vacuum, cool down and mix with gelatin liquid material


Step 3 

Syrup mass is discharged to depositor, automatic add color, flavor, citric acid through online mixer, flow into hopper for depositing into candy mould.

Servo control deposit jelly candy machine7

Step 4 

Candies stay in the mould and transferred into cooling tunnel, after 10-15 mins cooling, under the pressure of demoulding plate, candies drop onto the PVC/PU belt and transferred out for sugar coating.

Servo control deposit jelly candy machine10

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