Multi functional cereal candy bar machine

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Model No.: COB600


This cereal candy bar machine is a multi functional compound bar production line, used for production of all kinds of candy bar by automatic shaping. It mainly consists of cooking unit, compound roller, nuts sprinkler, leveling cylinder, cooling tunnel, cutting machine etc. It has the advantage of full automatic continuously working, high capacity, advanced technology. Coordinated with chocolate coating machine, it can produce all kinds of chocolate compound candies. Using with our continuous mixing machine and coconut bar stamping machine, this line can be also used to produce chocolate coating coconut bar. The candy bar produced by this line has attractive appearance and good taste.

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Production flowchart:

Step 1
Sugar, glucose, water heat in the cooker to 110 degree centigrade.

Continuous deposit toffee machine

Step 2
Nougat candy mass is cooked in air inflation cooker, caramel candy mass is cooked in the toffee cooker.

Candy bar machine4
Candy bar machine5

Step 3
syrup mass mixing with cereal, peanuts and other additives, forming into layer and cooling in the tunnel

Peanuts candy machine2
Candy bar machine7
Candy bar machine6
Candy bar machine8

Lengthwise cutting the candy bar into stripe and crosswise cutting candy bar into single pieces

Candy bar machine9
Peanuts candy machine5

Step 5
Transfer candy bar to chocolate enrober for bottom or full chocolate coating

Candy bar machine10
Candy bar machine11

After chocolate coating and decoration, candy bar transferred to cooling tunnel and get the final product

Candy bar machine12
Candy bar machine13

Candy bar machine Advantages
1. Multi-functional, according to different products, can choose to use different cooker.
2. Cutting machine can use be adjusted to cut different sizes bar.
3. Nuts spreader is optional.
4. Chocolate coating machine and decorating machine is optional.

Peanuts candy machine6
Candy bar machine14
Peanuts candy machine5
Candy bar machine15

1. Production of peanuts candy, nougat candy, snickers bar, cereal bar, coconut bar.

Candy bar machine16
Candy bar machine17
Candy bar machine18

Tech Specs




400-800kg/h (800kg/h max)

Speed of cutting

30 Times/min( MAX)

Weight of product


Steam consumption


Steam pressure


Power voltage


Total power


Compressed air consumption

0.9 M3/min

Compressed air pressure

0.4- 0.6 Mpa

Water consumption

0.5M3/ h

Candy size

can be made according to customer’s requirement

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