High quality automatic Toffee candy machine

Short Description:

Model No.: SGDT150/300/450/600


Servo driven Continuous deposit toffee machine is the advanced equipment for making toffee caramel candy. It gathered machinery and electric all in one, using the silicone moulds automatically depositing and with tracking transmission demoulding system. It can make pure toffee and center filled toffee. This line consists of jacketed dissolving cooker, transfer pump, pre-heating tank, special toffee cooker, depositor, cooling tunnel, etc.

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specification of toffee machine:

Model SGDT150 SGDT300 SGDT450 SGDT600
Capacity 150kg/h 300kg/h 450kg/h 600kg/h
Candy Weight                     As per candy size
Depositing Speed 45~55n/min 45~55n/min 45~55n/min 45~55n/min
Working Condition



Total power   18Kw/380V   27Kw/380V   34Kw/380V   38Kw/380V
Total Length      20m      20m      20m      20m
Gross Weight     3500kg     4500kg     5500kg     6500kg

Deposit toffee machine:

For production of deposited toffee candy, chocolate center filled toffee candy

Production flowchart →

Raw material dissolving→Transporting→Pre-heating→Toffee mass cooking→Add oil and flavor→Storage→Depositing→Cooling→De-moulding→Conveying→Packing→Final product

Step 1

Raw materials are automatic or manually weighed and put into dissolving tank, boil to 110 degrees Celsius.


Step 2  

Boiled syrup mass pump into toffee cooker through vacuum, cooking to 125 degrees Celsius and store in the tank.


Step 3 

Syrup mass is discharged to depositor, flow into hopper for depositing into candy mould. Meanwhile, chocolate fill into the mould from the center filling nozzles.


Step 4 

Toffee stay in the mould and transferred into cooling tunnel, after around 20 mins cooling, under the pressure of demoulding plate, toffee drop onto the PVC/PU belt and transferred out.


Deposit toffee candy machine Advantages:

1、Sugar and all other materials can be automatic weighed, transferred and mixed through adjust touch screen. Various kinds of recipes can be programmed in the PLC and applied easily and freely when required.

2、PLC, touch screen and servo driven system are world famous brand, more reliable and stable performance and durable use-life. Multi language program can be designed.

3、Long cooling tunnel increase the production capacity.

4、Silicone mould is more efficient for demoulding.

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