Die forming milk candy machine

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Model No.: T400


Die forming milk candy machine is a advanced plant for making different types of soft candy, such as milk soft candy, center-filled milk candy, center-filed toffee candy, eclairs etc. It was introduced and developed to meet the increasing demands of the consumers for the candies: tasty, functional, colorful, nutritional etc. This production line can reach word advanced level both in appearance and performance.

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Die forming milk candy line
For production of die formed milk candy, center filled soft candy

Production flowchart →
Raw material dissolving→Storage→Vacuum cooking→Add color and flavor→Cooling→Rope forming or extruding→cooling → Forming→Final product

Step 1
Raw materials are automatic or manually weighed and put into dissolving tank, boil to 110 degrees Celsius.

Continuous deposit toffee machine

Step 2
Boiled syrup mass pump into air inflation cooker or continuous cooker, heat and concentrated to 125 degrees Celsius.

Die forming milk candy line4
Die forming milk candy line5

Step 3 
Add flavor, color into syrup mass and it flow onto cooling belt.

Die forming milk candy line6

Step 4
After cooling, syrup mass is transferred into extruder, rope sizer, meanwhile can add jam filling inside. After rope getting smaller and smaller, it enter into forming mould, candy formed and transferred for cooling.

Die forming milk candy line9
Die forming milk candy line8

Die forming milk candy line Advantages
*Automatic control for vacuum cooking and aeration mixing process;
*An unique design of aeration mixing system guarantees a high quality product;
*Synchronized control for central-filling,extruding and rope sizing;
*Chain style die for different shapes of candy;
*Steel cooling belt is optional for better cooling effect;
*Pulling machine is optional for pulled (aerated) candy requirement.

1. Production of milk candy, center filled milk candy.

Die forming milk candy line10
Die forming milk candy line11

Die forming milk candy line show

Die forming milk candy line12

Tech Specs



Standard Capacity


Candy Weight

Shell:8g(Max); Central filling: 2g(Max)

Rated Output Speed


Electric Power


Steam Requirement

Steam Pressure:0.2-0.6MPa; Consumption:250~400kg/h

Working Condition

Room Temperature: 20~25℃; Humidity: 55%

Total Length


Gross Weight


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